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Venues Ōtautahi owns and operates Christchurch Town Hall and Wolfbrook Arena and manages the Airforce Museum of New Zealand, Orangetheory Stadium and Hagley Oval. We believe it is a special privilege to serve the venues and the Christchurch community.

Venues Ōtautahi has developed a strategic framework for Health and Safety based on three key pillars: Culture, which permits the presence of safety behaviour, Risk Management, which reduces the opportunity for incidents to occur and Systems, which drive continuous improvement.

Te Whare Tapa Wha is our holistic approach to Wellness that supports the mental, physical, social and spiritual health of our people and strengthens the connection between us. Te Whare Tapa Wha is the Maori holistic model of health which reminds you to take care of all the different aspects of your life to support your wellbeing as is based on the four walls of a Whare and the connection with the land underneath.

We are committed to enabling the Health, Safety and Wellness of our people, our clients and guests and our stakeholders; this underpins all our activities and the way we operate.

To deliver on our Health, Safety and Wellness commitment we will:

- Foster a culture of strong visible safety leadership.

- Work collaboratively with our third-party stakeholders to together deliver a healthy, safe and sustainable environment for all.

- Empower our workforce and representative groups through trust and engagement.

- Always be mindful of the complex internal and external interdependent relationships across our business.

- Set strategies and objectives that provide an easily understood and engaging framework for performance.

- Maintain effective hazard identification and risk management processes, to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable.

- Provide suitable resources, information, and training to enable work to occur safely; understanding the variability of everyday performance and promoting resilience.

- Support an equitable culture that encourages and rewards open and transparent reporting.

- Maintain compliance with legislative and regulatory obligations as the minimum standard for operational performance but be aspirational in our beyond compliance health, safety and wellbeing objectives.

- Utilise a focus on assurance, incident reporting, audits, reviews and investigations to continuously improve safety management outcomes and enable performance.

Download a copy of Venues Ōtautahi H&S Commitment below:

VO Health Safety Wellness Commitment Statement

81 Jack Hinton Drive
Addington, Christchurch 8024
PO Box 13 144
Christchurch, New Zealand
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